Celtic Fashions
For the finest Celtic, Irish, and Scottish designed wearables.

The story of Celtic Fashions began over twenty years ago when the company's founder, Joe Jenkins, developed a line of screenprinted clothing using authentic Celtic designs.  He sold his wearables at festivals and stores around the country; his eye for quality and originality proved successful and he expanded the line to include embroidered and embossed designs.  In 2006, Joe retired and sold Celtic Fashions to the California company that had made his designs a reality for over 10 years.

Since then, we have continued to manifest Joe's commitment and vision.  Every year we add new designs and garment styles, and try to maintain a diverse clothing line with a little something for everybody.  We've also increased the number of festivals, stores, catalogs, and websites in this country and in Europe, where you can purchase our top quality products.

Please feel free to contact us at any time:  info@celticfashions.com, 800-400-CELT (2358), 805-640-2644